What do I get?

  1. Your own plot of land in exotic Finland
  2. This beautiful owner's folder with all the official documents
  3. A beautiful share certificate to hang at your wall
  4. A land sample from your plot
  5. A package of information about Kerilandia and Finland with photos


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Frequently asked questions
about Kerilandia

image_faq.jpgQ: Will I really be an official landowner in Finland?
A: Yes, you'll be a joint owner of the Kerilandia estate, land registry code 246-408-59-91, and you'll have a full right to use the area, spend time there and enjoy all the benefits. Your ownership will be noted in the files of the Finnish tax office and you will receive an official document of the title.

Q: Will I have other fees or costs in the future?
A: No. The yearly costs of the estate are very low and it is easy for the board of directors chosen by the shareholders to obtain enough funding to cover the maintenance fees.

Q: Will my piece of land have concrete borders in Kerilandia?
A: No. You have the rights to the entire area.

Q: How, as an owner, can I affect the way that Kerilandia is run?

A: If you wish, you can send ideas, suggestions and other feedback to us and thus have your say in the development of Kerilandia.

Q: How can I travel to Kerilandia?
A: You can easily plan and organize the trip. We will help you in planning the trip by offering contact info and scheduling info. We will also send you a visa invitation if you need a visa to travel to Finland. Our partner offers a full travel package with room and meals. You can get to Kerilandia from Helsinki by plane, bus, train or by renting a car.

Q: Can I fish in Kerilandia?
A: Yes. According to the Finnish fishing regulations you can fish in the large and small lakes of the nearby area during summers and winters. There is a salmon lake near the estate with lots of fish. There’s an opportunity to fly-fish there when the waters has melted or to ice-fish during the winters.

Q: Can my next-to-kin really bring my cremated ashes to be buried at Kerilandia farm?
A: Yes. This is possible according to the Finnish burial law. Kerilandia is not a public burial ground but the ashes of the landowner or his or her next-to-kin may be buried or scattered at the farm's memorial grove area. You can’t put a physical gravestone at the area, but the deceased gets a virtual gravestone at an online burial ground.

Q: Can I build a holiday cabin on my Kerilandia land?
A: No, you cannot. The shore area plan has defined this area as a refreshment area, which means you can only build small structures that serve outdoor activities and exercise on it. The company’s government and shareholder meetings decide whether to grant permission for such buildings.

You can, however, buy a property ready for building or a ready-built holiday home from nearby. Our cooperation partners will assist you with designing and building the property.