What do I get?

  1. Your own plot of land in exotic Finland
  2. This beautiful owner's folder with all the official documents
  3. A beautiful share certificate to hang at your wall
  4. A land sample from your plot
  5. A package of information about Kerilandia and Finland with photos


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Become a landowner!

By filling this order form, you'll order one share of Kerilandia at the cost of 499 USD and become an official landowner in Finland without any further costs or obligations.

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Would you like to receive the share certificate in English or in Finnish? Please note that the share certificate is a noble document that, for example, can be displayed on a wall*
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The trade becomes binding only after the price is paid at the vendor's account. The vendor takes care of the stock trade's transaction tax and sends the transaction tax notice to the Finnish tax office.

The vendor sends the buyer the Owner's Folder, which includes, among others, the following files:

A share certificate, with the name of the receiver of the gift
A transaction tax account of the share transaction, with an official tax office stamp
Kiinteistö Oy Kerilandia's proof of the registration of the share to the buyer
A separate certificate of ownership
A land sample of Kerilandia estate
Brochures and other information about Kerilandia