What do I get?

  1. Your own plot of land in exotic Finland
  2. This beautiful owner's folder with all the official documents
  3. A beautiful share certificate to hang at your wall
  4. A land sample from your plot
  5. A package of information about Kerilandia and Finland with photos


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Kerilandia is a forest estate in Finland. We are offering you a chance to purchase an inexpensive plot in there. By buying a share in Kerilandia, you become an official landowner in Finland without any further duties or additional charges. After the purchase, you'll be a fractional owner of the area and a shareholder at Kiinteistö Oy Kerilandia, the company that oversees Kerilandia.

Your share will be registered at the Finnish tax office and the company's shareholder registry. You can enjoy your landowner's status and your rights and benefits without ever even visiting the area. It is an actual, concrete piece of land, however. You and your friends can visit it at any time. Furthermore, you'll have the rights, confirmed by the land register, to water areas of 800 hectares at Puruvesi, Orivesi and other, smaller lakes at several nearby areas.

Owning a land area in Kerilandia includes no further duties or additional charges. Thus, it is also a very suitable gift.

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Why own land
at Kerilandia?

  • You'll own a small beautiful plot of land in Finland
  • The vendor will take care of registration matters for you
  • Even if you never even visit the area, you'll still own it
  • No yearly costs, only benefits
  • You can visit your plot of land at any time, spend time there, enjoy the harmony of the forest, stop at the memorial grove, walk the beautiful nature path and listen to the secret voiceless tales of the enormous ancient boulders
  • The bounties of nature await you at the local berry-picking and mushroom-picking areas. You can also go fishing or enjoy the countless cultural and tourism services and sights like the Savonlinna Opera Festival, the underground art museum of Retretti, world's largest wooden church at Kerimäki and many other local attractions.
  • If you live abroad and need a visa to spend time in Finland, owning land in Finland helps you in obtaining the visa. Additionally, we can write you a special invitation to help you in the process.
  • There is a memorial grove at Kerilandia area. The ashes of the landowner or their kin can be scattered there after death.
  • You can freely sell or give your plot of land as a gift or leave it as a testament to your children.
  • A plot at Kerilandia is an ecological product: The forest is maintained according to the principles of sustainable development. There's no logging. The forest acts as a carbon sink. You can participate in planting the forest and get your own personal tree. Most of the owners of Kerilandia live elsewhere. A plot of land at Kerilandia does nothing to burden the nature.
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omistajankansio_etusivu.pngBuy a plot of land at Kerilandia
and you get all of this

  • Your own plot of land in exotic Finland
  • An owner's folder with official documents
  • A beautiful share certificate to hang at your wall
  • A sample of land from your own plot
  • A package of information, including photos about Kerilandia and Finland

All of this in a beautiful Kerilandia package, delivered to you via mail.