What do I get?

  1. Your own plot of land in exotic Finland
  2. This beautiful owner's folder with all the official documents
  3. A beautiful share certificate to hang at your wall
  4. A land sample from your plot
  5. A package of information about Kerilandia and Finland with photos


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Official ownership data

Officially, you'll own a share of Kiinteistö Oy Kerilandia.
Kiinteistö Oy Kerilandia is a registered company. Business code: 2449491-4
The company's field of business is owning the Kerilandia estate, land registry number 246-408-59-951

See trade registry sample and the business order

The estate's area is 2060 m2
The estate includes a share of the local land and water commons

See Kerilandia on map

The official documents are:  

  • Legal certificate showing the estate's owner
  • A certificate of burden, showing if the estate has a debt burden or other burdens
  • A sample of land registry information file, which shows the estate's official area, the zoning status, the rights of the estate to the possible land and water areas outside of the estate and the road rights and burdens.

The highest decision-making power at Kiinteistö Oy Kerilandia is the meeting of the shareholders - the general meeting. The general meeting chooses the corporate board of directors. The board takes care of practical business. If there are a lot of things to do, the board may also choose a CEO.

See the Finnish corporate law here