What do I get?

  1. Your own plot of land in exotic Finland
  2. This beautiful owner's folder with all the official documents
  3. A beautiful share certificate to hang at your wall
  4. A land sample from your plot
  5. A package of information about Kerilandia and Finland with photos


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We own land at Kerilandia

Junji Nakamura, Tokyo, Japan

I and my wife are true fans of Finland. We've visited Finland several times and we love the Finnish nature. We accidentally discovered Kerilandia and instantly thought of buying up a part of Finland. We are now making plans for a trip to Kerilandia with our two children.

Sarah Mitchell, Australia

I moved to Finland in 2004 and fell in love with this land. When I found Kerilandia, I considered it a fun idea and wanted to buy a small piece of my new homeland for my family living in Australia. My mom really liked the gift!

Ilya Nikitin, St. Petersburg, Russia

I have visited Eastern Finland and Kerimäki many times. I decided to buy my own plot of land at the moment it was offered to me. I'm proud of being a landowner in Finland and often tell my friends about the plot.

Nunu Htwe, Rangoon, Myanmar

I live in Myanmar and a Finnish friend of mine gave a me a share of Kerilandia as a gift. I received a really great looking package and I'm totally excited about the present! I don't know yet when I will have the opportunity to travel to Finland and see my land, but I am very much looking forward to it. The photos about Kerilandia on the website look very nice and I'm very proud to own a piece of land abroad.

Farzaneh Seifzadeh, Busher, Iran

Looking from Iran, Finland is a really exotic and beautiful land. I fell in love with the idea of Kerilandia and decided to buy a plot of land of my own. It is my dream to visit Finland and my own Kerilandia plot of land in the future.

Carlos Enrique Botero Sánchez, Venezuela

Years ago, I lived in Estonia and my wife lived in Finland. I have some great memories from that time. Now we live in Venezuela with our two children. Thus, we cannot return to the landscapes of our memories too easily. A piece of Kerilandia and Finland makes us remember the life in those parts.

Sally, China

I am Sally, I come from Guangzhou, China. Finland is a very beautiful country, I love this piece of land, this is my second time to KERIMAA this place, the cabin is very warm and delicate, the staff are very warm and kind,.I am surrounded by forest lakes every day, feel special comfortable and relaxed. KERILANDIAN is a very special place, I love the story here, sincerely wish my family, friends can always happy happy! Thanks for meeting with KERIMAA in Finland